Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Dreaded Cast

I was totally mistaken by thinking Kinzi would turn back into her normal self once she had her cast on. It took her over a week and a half to start walking on it. The whole week in San Diego she REFUSED to walk on it. Everyone tried to get her to take some steps and we all encouraged her and tried to make it exciting but she wanted NOTHING to do with it. She is so stubborn. I think she gets that from Todd. :) :)
On Saturday we get to the airport to leave and Todd and I are trying once again to get her to walk on it. Todd asks her to throw something away in the trash can around the corner and she takes it and starts walking. We couldn't believe it. She waits until we leave to go home to start walking. I guess I shouldn't complain. She walking right???

Here she is at the condo. I gave in with the whole binkie thing. I HATE the binkie. I don't have the patience to wing her off it. At home she only gets it at bed time. But on vacation she got it whenever she wanted it, I couldn't take the whinning. It seemed like it never ended. So I LOVED the binkie that week.

Logan and Kinzi

Today Kinzi got her cast off and they put her in a boot. I haven't taken any pictures of her in the boot yet but it's a lot bigger then the cast. I thought for sure she'd wait another week to start walking again but she's getting around in it pretty good. So 3 more weeks with the boot and we should be good to go. Luckily we can take it off at bed time, bath time and going to the pool. She seems to be much happier with this. She took about a half hour bath tonight. She loves to soak in the tub.

San Diego Part 1

We had a fun time visiting the Wild Animal Park in San Diego. The weather was perfect. Stay tuned for some more pics from SeaWorld and the Zoo.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I wish I could say this was Kinzi's first sentence or maybe even her first loose tooth, but I'm afraid to say this is Kinzi's first FRACTURE. Yes you read that correctly. Monday night Kinzi fell playing at the playground and has not one but TWO bone fractures on her right leg. I felt soooo bad. She is obsessed with playing on the BIG kid toys at the playground. And I mean Big Kid toys. I've only ever seen 9-10 year old play on it. (well except for us, we let our 3 yr old play on it). I'm not even sure what it's called. It's this thing that you hang on and slide or glide across the bar to the other end. Once Kinz saw other kids doing it that's all she EVER wanted to do. Forget the slides or swings. She HAD to HANG on this bar and slide across it. Well, Todd and I gave in, Todd would stand at one end and I at the other. She has a DEATH GRIP so we knew she could hold herself up. (I mean, if she can't hold up a whooping 20 pounds then she's in trouble). We've been to the park numerous times and that's all she does. She had to have slid across that thing at least 50 times and she's NEVER let go. Well, except for Monday night. For some reason she decided to let go. After about 1 hour of crying non-stop and Todd and I feeling everywhere, we came to the conclusion that she must have just twisted her leg. She had NO swelling, bruising and no bones were sticking out. (that's always a GOOD sign, right) I thought we'd miraculously escaped going to the ER. Between the terrifying death drop and the possible bruising I thought she'd be okay within the next day or 2. Well to say the least I was dead WRONG. It was my babysitter after having had her for 1/2 hour call me at work to tell me she thought I should take her to the ER and get it x-rayed. She thought it might be more. So grudgingly I took her to the ER at Primary Children's. Mind you, we were JUST at Primary Children's not 4 days before that. Ye, that's right. Kinzi had to have the tubes in her ears taken out and replaced. One of them was infected and fluid was building up behind it so we had to get that fixed. And not to mention that last month Kinzi fell from one of the bar stools face first onto the kitchen floor. I thought for sure she had head trauma. And after throwing up numerous times we took her to the ER up at Primary's and had to have a CT scan and all the fun test. LUCKILY it was only a concussion, I thought for sure it was worse because she had no swelling or goose eggs on her forehead. So I was thinking it was another visit to the ER and hopefully they would notice the numerous visits within the last month. After 1 1/2 hours of waiting we finally got the x-ray done and I was SHOCKED. 2 bone fractures on the lower part of her right leg. I couldn't believe it. I felt AWFUL. I wasn't even going to take her in.
So needless to say I am NOT getting the mother of the year award. Unless they give one for the most CARELESS mother of the year. I would win hands down. So this is what Kinzi gets to wear for a week....

She's not quite understanding what is going on. She keeps trying to take it off. She has to wait until next Wednesday to get the cast put on. Then it will be around 3-4 weeks with the cast on. We are leaving next weekend for San Diego and the poor little girl has to have a cast on for her "first" vacation. I'm hoping she'll have the hang of walking around on it before we leave. It will not be much fun for her nor us having to hold her the whole time.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


So Easter at our house was a little on the boring side. I only have 2 pictures from the day. I was too busy videoing the event that I didn't take pictures. I haven't figured out how to video and take pictures at the same time. Kinzi was excited to see the goodies. Once she saw the Barney DVD she was done. She HAD to watch it right at that moment. She loved the yellow duck that my cousin Anna brought with her from South Carolina(thanks aunt Regina, it was a big hit).
Anna's (my cousin who stayed with us on Sat. night) Kinzi's and Todd's Easter Baskets
Yes, Todd got an Easter basket. I don't think I would have lived that one down if he didn't get one.
Kinzi checkin out her goodies

It was a very relaxing Easter Sunday. We were a little sad we didn't have family to spend it with this year. But I was soooo excited to have Todd home this year. This was his FIRST Easter Sunday home. He's usually away at basketball tournaments with his all-star team.
On a side note, the below picture is of one of the walls in Kinzi's play room. I decided to do vinyl lettering on one wall. My neighbor has the machine to make the lettering so I had her do the alphabet for me. I think it turned out great. It matches great with the colors of her chairs. It makes a big difference in the room. Kinzi has no excuse now not the learn her alphabet. :) :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

HoT TuBiN'

While the Edgerton Family was here visiting us a couple weeks back we decided to take the boys and Kinzi swimming at Chad's parents hotel. Kinzi LOVES to swim but ONLY if it's in very warm or hot water, it can't even be luke warm. (I wonder where she gets that from) When we get there she heads straight for the pool but once in she realizes it's not too warm. She gets right out and heads for the Hot Tub. She loved it. You could tell she was getting too warm her poor little face was turning red, she even tried to get into the regular pool again but only lasted seconds because it wasn't "warm" enough for her.

Shannon (pregnant belly) Kinzi, Gavin and Todd

Kinzi and Todd

Kinzi, Todd, Jack and Kade

Kinzi thinking she wants to go to the big pool

It was a fun time by all. I'm not sure what happened to my pictures of Dylan. I don't think he even got in the hot tub. He stayed in the pool the whole time. Everyone else hung out in the hot tub.

Monday, March 23, 2009



Kinzi opening her presents. She got some new puzzles to help her learn her colors, numbers and alphabet. She also got a cute new bikini I just couldn't pass up. The Edgerton's got her the cute Tinkerbell doll.

I ventured out and made a Teddy Bear Cake instead of doing the normal sheet cake. Luckly Shannon was here to help me out with it. She did a great job decorating it. The kids loved it.
It was a great day and Kinzi is LOVING having the Edgerton Boys here to play with. She follows them around like a little puppy dog.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

National Champions

A shout out to Salt Lake Community College. They won their 1st every National Championship this evening. I'm so excited for Todd and the team. They had an awesome week in Kansas. I wish I could have been there. They will just have to go back next year and do it again so that I can go.

The 2008-2009 Team